Mr. Ed Parker was the foremost authority and instructor of Kenpo Karate in
the United States and was known worldwide as "Mr. Karate".
He was the "Founder of American Kenpo", the president and founder of
the Ed Parker Kenpo Karate Studio chain,
as well as the International Kenpo Karate Association.
He was the Father of American Karate having originated the first American version of Karate.
He commenced teaching professionally in Provo, Utah in 1954. He opened his
first professional Karate studio in the United States in Pasadena, California in 1956

He was featured in National and International magazines: Time, Look, Strength and Health,
Show Business Illustrated, Iron Man, Action Karate, Black Belt, Karate Illustrated, Official Karate,
Inside Kung Fu, American Karate, and Karate/Kung Fu; in newspapers nation-wide, as well as world wide

He appeared in dozens of movies and television shows, including Revenge of the
Pink Panther and The Curse of the Pink Panther. In addition, he taught Karate to nearly every
big name actor and actress in Hollywood -- including, Robert Culp, Joey Bishop,
Jose Ferrar, Rick Jason, Nick Adams, Frank Lovejoy, Robert Wagner, Elvis Presley, Natalie Wood
and Elke Sommer just to name a few.

Mr. Parker was well known for his exciting demonstrations at: high schools, colleges, civic clubs,
clinics, tournaments, church groups, youth groups, etc. He was a highly sought-after speaker and his Karate demonstrations are famous in the United States and worldwide. He was in great demand throughout
the world to put on his blinding demonstrations of speed, skill and power along with his picturesque
| analogies when explaining the Art so all can understand. He frequently traveled giving Seminars
and Demonstrations in Australia, England.

In December of 1990 Senior Grand Master Ed Parker pass away. Ed Parker will be miss by thousands of students
around the world, as well as all his instructor who looked up to him. You will be in our prayers.

This group photograph, taken in 1957. Ed Parker
top in the middle.

Ed Parker and Elvis Presley.

Ed Parker demonstrating Snapping Twig.